Menoufiya governorate removes Mubarak's name from schools

Ahram Online , Wednesday 13 Jul 2011

Ousted president's home governorate ends the cult of personality that had reached its schools

Mubarak leave
Protesters carry No Mubarak signs during 25 January uprising

On the morning of 25 January 2011, government officials displayed the pictures of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in every governmental office, court room, police station, school, sports stadium and on an endless number of street corners.

Moreover, the same officials stamped the picture of his wife, Suzanne Thabit, on the back of millions of books children had to read.

Today, six months after the ousting of the former dictator, images of Mubarak and his wife remind millions of Egyptians of years of suffering from increasing poverty and political repression.

Understandably, those who support the January 25 revolution also want a new Egypt free of the images of Mubarak and the former first lady.

Ironically, residents in Mubarak’s home governorate of Menoufiya are among the most vocal supporters of banishing the dictator’s pictures and name from public life.

Therefore, the governor of Menoufiya, Ashraf Hilal, issued an executive directive to implement an earlier Administrative Court order to remove the names of Mubarak and Suzanne from all schools and institutions in the ministry of Education in the governorate.

Consequently, 21 schools and educational institutions will no longer bear the names “Mubarak”, “The Leader Hosni Mubarak”, or “Suzanne Mubarak” as they did for going on 31 years.

Even in Mubarak’s own hometown of Kafr El-Museilha, the governor changed the name of an experimental school from The Leader Mubarak Honours School to Free Egypt Honours Language School.

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