Hamza: SCAF promised the trial of Mubarak and regime under treachery law

Ahram Online , Thursday 14 Jul 2011

Mamdouh Hamza says that Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had promised to address demands during the PM's speech, but the speech lacked any real responses

Mamdouh Hamza, spokesman of the National Council, said the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) approved to study his demand to try Mubarak and the figures of his regime with treachery law, though this was not mentioned in the ruling military council's last official speech.

Hamza also said last night on the “Fi el-Midan” talk show on the Tahrir channel that he has asked the ruling military council to revise the partisans’ law and to ban prison sentencing for publishing materials or protesting.

Moreover, he gave assurances that the military council promised during their meeting on Monday, which included other revolutionaries, that they would give a response during the Prime Minister’s Tuesday speech. “But the speech failed to respond to any of those demands and we demand a quick reply,” Hamza said.

Hamza said that the best thing the ruling military council has done recently is stop the military trials of civilians.

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