Uproar at central security base in Dekheila, Alexandria now contained: Official

Ahram Online , Monday 18 Jul 2011

A security official at the ministry of interior has confirmed that the riots that erupted at the central security forces base in the industrial district of Dekheila in Alexandria are now under control

The security official said that the damages that resulted from the riots were minimal, with no human casualties or injuries.
The riot incidents were sparked by the belief of certain soldiers at the central security base that one of their colleagues had been brutally beaten to death by an officer. The incident triggered the anger of the soldiers who resorted to blocking the main entry road to the base in Dekheila.
The violence had escalated and a police wagon and another vehicle were torched. The violence was later contained, as the source states, by the arrival of the head of the police department accompanied by a medical team to examine the soldier. The medical team found the soldier alive and determined that he had only fainted following an epileptic bout. Sources from the police headquarters in Alexandria denied that the accused officer used violence against the soldier.
A major central security forces tumult occurred in Egypt in 1986, in which more than 20,000 soldiers protested at a base in Giza against their working conditions, fueled by a rumor that the service period was to be extended from 3 to 5 years. The soldiers took to the streets and the violence resulted in major property damage; the armed forces were summoned to contain the crisis and imposed a curfew for a week.
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