Three separate calls for million man marches compete over next Friday

Ahram Online, Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

Three different calls for million man marches this Friday, 22 July, compete for dominance

Protesters currently sitting-in in Tahrir Square are calling for millions of Egyptians to head to Tahrir Square for the “Friday of Unity,” as a way of resisting divisions between the different groups and political forces in the country.

On the other hand, several Islamic groups have called for another million man march for a “Friday of Identity and Statbilty,” which will be led by several Salafist clerics and is expected to draw five million citizens in Cairo and across Egypt’s governorates.

Al Jamaa Al Islamiya has already announced that they will join the Salafist call for protests so that "the minority in Egypt does not force it’s opinion on the majority."

The Islamists also want to show their rejection of the so-called “manifesto of supra-constitutional principles” to lay down the foundations of values in the constitution that will not be subject to change.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Freedom Party has decided not to join these protests.

Several Nasserist leaning groups have launched a third call: A million man march for “ Social Justice Friday,” to celebrate the 1952 July 23 revolution.

The march will begin at the Abdel Nasser Mosque in El Kobba suburb of Cairo for the Friday prayer and then will head to Tahrir under the slogan of the "July revolution...January revolution...Same goals.”

On Tuesday, the Salafist “Popular Will Front,” also called for mass protests for July 29 in all of Egypt’s squares.

“Because of the current events and our monitoring of the democratic transitional period in Egypt to complete all the demands of the revolution and transfer power to a civil elected authority, we found that there are practices and procedures that will hinder the achievement of these demands,” the group said a statement. “For this reason, members and representatives of the youth political forces have created a unified front to perform its national role of correcting the path of reform."

The front said that their demands include: restoring security to the Egyptian street by confiscating all unlicensed weapons, dealing with the thugs and those who fund them, the police resuming normal activity, restructuring and regulating the ministry of interior so all citizens have their rights, trying ousted president Mubarak and all those who are accused of killing protesters, compensating all the martyrs and injured of the revolution, staging public trials for all the officials of the former regime, the release of all political detainees, the purification of the state media, purifying the government from members of the old regime and the creation of an independent judiciary.

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