Activists march demanding dismissal of Egypt's prosecutor-general

Ahram Online, Wednesday 20 Jul 2011

Dozens march on Supreme Court chanting for the removal of Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, regarded as a remnant of Mubarak's former regime

A group of protesters and activists marched earlier this morning from Tahrir Square to Cairo's Supreme Court demanding the dismissal of the prosecutor-general, Abdel Magid Mahmoud.

Dozens of protesters started the march in the early morning, planning an open sit in at the courthouse to stop the prosecutor-general from entering his office. The military police secured and encircled the building.

Due to their small numbers, protesters decided to return to Tahrir Square, pledging to march on the office once they had gathered more participants.

Political groups like the April 6 movement and Revolution Youth Coalition are among the protesters in Tahrir Square demanding the dismissal of Abdel Magid Mahmoud, the prosecutor-general regarded as being a member of the old Mubarak regime.

According to the law, the president has the right to dismiss the prosecutor-general from his position, although the holder of the post is currently able to resign or step down by his own decision.

Abdel Meguid Mahmoud has been in the post since July 2006.

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