Last NDP secretary general founds new party

Ahram Online , Thursday 21 Jul 2011

In his first public statement since his resignation from the NDP, Hossam Badrawy, the renowned physician and former secretary general of the NDP, announces that is founding a new party

Hossam Badrawy
Hossam Badrawy "Official Website"

Hossam Badrawy spoke to Al Hayat Channel yesterday, revealing that his new party “The Union” will not start operating politically in the upcoming period until the number of the founding members are more than those in any other party currently operating in the country. He added that as a practical man he made a survey among people to see how popular he was in the society, despite his past membership with the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) and found out that he still has popularity.

Badrawy revealed that he was still in contact with many politicans like potential presidential candidates Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh and Mohamed Salim El-Awa. He called political powers to respect the constitutional referendum’s results. He also asked political powers to unite and to find common goals because they are currently in a leadership position and no longer in opposition.

Hossam Badrawy is a famous physician and was considered one of the reformist voices in the NDP during its reign. On 5 February 2011 he was appointed as the secretary general of the NDP, replacing Gamal Mubarak. A week later, on 11 February, he handed in his resignatio, the morning before Mubarak’s decision to step down.

Many political powers and groups, like the April 6th Youth and Revolution Youth coalition, have called on the government to ban former members of the now defunct NDP from any political activity for at least 5 years.  

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