Revolution Youth Coalition calls for march on 23 July

Zeinab El Gundy, Thursday 21 Jul 2011

The Revolution Youth Coalition held a press conference today to announce that they will lead a march on 23 July from Tahrir Square to the SCAF HQ to demand an end to military trials for civilians

The Revolution Youth Coalition, along with representatives from other protesting groups in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, stated that the sit in at Tahrir Square, as well as other squares across the country, will continue until the demands of 8 July protest are met. The protesters demanded that Abdel Magid Mahmoud, the general prosecutor, and Gawdat El Malt, the chairman of the central auditing organization, as well as the general prosecutors in Alexandria and Suez, resign from their posts. The activists expressed their dissatifaction with six months passing since the 25 January revolution without a handover of power to civilians. 

The coalition issued a new statement, signed by 25 political parties, groups and movements, accusing SCAF and the government of circumventing the demands of the revolution, and condemned the release of police officers charged with killing protestors in Suez. 

The 23rd of July marks a revolution day in Egypt, the anniversiary of the free officers' coup against King Farouk in 1952.

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