April 6 Movement: SCAF’s mask has fallen

Zeinab El Gundy, Sunday 24 Jul 2011

The April 6th Youth Movement has issued a statement on yesterday's clashes in Abbasiya, saying protesters intentions were peaceful and rejecting accusations of foreign influences

April 6th Youth Movement
April 6th Youth Movement

The April 6th Youth Movement “Democratic Front” has issued a new statement today, Sunday about yesterday’s clashes at Abbasiya Square. The statement attacked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), claiming that the SCAF's mask has fallen down to reveal the face of Mubarak once again.

According to their statement, the April 6th Youth Movement organized the peaceful march to the ministry of defence in order to condemn and reject the accusations of the ruling military council, who had said in its Statement no. 69 that the youth movement was working to turn the people against the army. The youth movement’s statement also demanded a quick trial for Mubarak and El-Adly for their roles in killing protesters.

April 6th stated that the march was peaceful until it reached the Al-Nour Mosque when, at the Maghreb prayer, demonstrators were attacked by alleged thugs while the police, military police and army watched. The statement adds that the attacks brought to the mind similar scenes of violence from security forces and thugs from the January 25 Revolution. 

That was not “our Egyptian army” that sacrificed its blood, but “SCAF’s” army, read April 6th’s statement. The movement defended itself against the ruling military council’s allegations that it is funded by the US and has dealings with Israel. The movement demanded that the military council either present all evidence and documents against the youth movement in its possession to the general prosecutor or officially apologize for what they say amounts to slander against their “Democratic Front.”

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