Egypt's weather to improve 'relatively', even though cold weather continues

Hana Afifi , Sunday 6 Dec 2015

The current cold spell is not, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, an indication that the coming winter will be worse than previous winters

File Photo: A man fishes along the shoreline in Alexandria, Egypt (Reuters)

Egypt's weather will improve relatively this week, even though cold spell will largely continue, a spokesman for the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said. 

Wahid Seoudi told Ahram Online Sunday that temperatures will rise slightly and there will be less clouds.

"Saturday's sharp cold spell was because of wind activity and the decrease in humidity levels. The wind will be slightly calmer and humidity levels will rise throughout the week," he added.

"It will be slightly cold in the morning and very cold at night."

Temperatures in Cairo on Sunday will reach a high of 18 degrees Celsius and a low of 10 degrees Celsius. In Alexandria, it will be warmer, with the same high and a low of 15 degrees Celsius. 

"Low temperatures are normal at this time of the year, especially that the winter season is about to start," Seoudi said.

The EMA's spokesman refuted claims that this winter will be colder than past years. "The seasonable forceast has a very low accuracy, around 30 percent," Seoui said.

"The fact that the summer of 2015 was very hot and long does not mean the winter will be extremely cold. There is no relation."

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