Family of revolution's latest victim under military protection after receiving death threats

Ahram Online, Monday 25 Jul 2011

The family of the revolution’s latest victim, Hoda Saber, has been put under military ‎protection after they received death threats allegedly from the officer accused of killing her

The family of Hoda Saber, who was been receiving treatment in the public university ‎hospital for months, but eventually succumbed to her lethal injury, has been put under ‎military protection after receiving death threats from the officer accused of killing her, according to a family member.

Seventeen-year-old Saber was shot in the neck before the Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria on the ‎‎“Friday of Anger” on 28 January during Egypt’s 18-day revolution. She was pronounced ‎dead Sunday 25 July evening, the latest death from the revolt.

Her brother, Ibrahim Saber, was also killed on the same day upon being shot in the ‎head.‎

Mostafa El-Dami, the officer accused of murdering both victims sent thugs to the ‎family in an attempt to force them to drop charges against him. ‎

The hired thugs even set aflame the house of the victims’ families, according to an ‎investigation. ‎

Consequently, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces decided to protect the ‎beleaguered family from such intimidation tactics, said Waleed Saber, brother ‎of the victims. ‎

It is reported that Hoda suffered from negligence after being hospitalised as the ‎bullet was removed from her neck only a week ago.

Her funeral was postponed until Tuesday, 26 July, after an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.‎

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