Top googled issues by Egyptians in 2015: New Suez Canal, assassination of top prosecutor, actors' funerals

Zeinab El-Gundy , Wednesday 16 Dec 2015

See the events that captured the attention of Egyptians in 2015

Faten Hamama (L), Hisham Barakat (R), New Suez Canal (Top), Mecca crane disaster (Bottom)

As 2015 comes to an end, Google released its annual worldwide trend lists for the top searched events and people over the year, with searches in Egypt dominated by political events, actors' funerals, and terrorist attacks.

According to Google, the most searched event for Egyptians this year was the opening of the New Suez Canal extension, which was inaugurated in August by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in a multi-million ceremony attended by several heads of state and other top officials, including French President François Holland and Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev.

The second most searched event was the assassination of Egypt's prosecutor-general Hisham Barakat in late June.

Also at the top of the list of searches were the funerals of film stars Faten Hamama in January, and Nour El-Sherif in August.

People also heavily googled the Mecca Grand Mosque crane collapse in September which killed over 100 people including five Egyptians.

The killing of 20 Egyptian workers in Libya by the ISIS militant group ealier this year and the retaliatory air strikes by Egypt also topped the list, as well as the burning of Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasaesbeh by ISIS in Syria earlier this year also.

In the field of entertainment, Egyptians looked up photos and videos of the wedding of famous actress Aytan Amer, while March saw searches for information on the solar eclipse and presents for Mother's Day, which falls on 21 March each year. 

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