Egypt's journalists' syndicate votes for disciplinary action against TV host Moussa

Ahram Online , Sunday 20 Dec 2015

Ahmed Moussa
Television presenter Ahmed Moussa (Photo: Ahram)

Egypt’s journalists’ syndicate said on Saturday that it has voted for disciplinary action against Ahmed Moussa after the TV host aired obscene photos allegedly showing newly elected parliamentarian and renowned Egyptian director Khaled Youssef with a naked woman.

“The syndicate has discussed the complaints lodged by director Khaled Youssef, head of the filmmakers’ syndicate Mossad Fouda, producer Mohamed El-Adl, and more than 57 journalists against Moussa’s violation of the journalist’s code of ethics, the profession itself, and the inviolability of private life,” a statement by the syndicate read.

Moussa showed viewers earlier this week photos that he claimed belonged to newly elected MP and Egyptian director Youssef. The blurred-out photos purported to show a naked woman with a man. One of the photos is a close-up of what appeared to be Youssef's face.

Around 150 journalists signed a complaint letter accusing Moussa of misusing his media channel to "insult people and invade their personal lives," demanding that he be questioned and banned from appearing on screen.

On Saturday evening, Ahmed Moussa apologised to Youssef, describing him as a “courageous man for not filing a legal complaint against me.”

Moussa refuted claims that he was defaming Youssef on purpose, saying that he will “support him” in his case involving an accusation of sexually harassing a woman.

Youssef, famous for playing a major role in the 2011 uprising, said in an interview with TV presenter Khaled Salah on Al-Nahar channel that the photos are 100% fabricated and added that he will prove the matter before prosecutors.

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