Egyptian long time labour activist Abu-Eita defends himself against corruption allegations

Ahram Online , Sunday 20 Dec 2015

Abu-Eita vows to "shoot himself" in Tahrir Square if it is proven that he is involved in a corruption scandal at the Ministry of Manpower

Kamal Abu Aita
Kamal Abu Aita (Photo: Reuters)

Kamal Abu-Eita, former Egyptian minister of manpower and immigration, has denied allegations that he was implicated in a corruption scandal currently under investigation in the ministry he headed. 

"I swear by God, I have taken a single penny illegally," the long time leftist labour activist told TEN TV channel by phone Saturday, rejecting all accusations against him. 

Abu-Eita's name was mentioned in media reports Saturday alongside other officials in the ministry, including former minister Nahed El-Ashry, as suspected of squandering LE40 million from the Workers' Emergency Fund in the ministry from 2007 to 2014, according the Public Funds Prosecution. 

"If those accusations are proven then I will head to Tahrir Square and shoot myself," Abu-Eita vowed, accusing the media of pulling his name into the case. 

"That's an attempt to defame the symbols of the 25 January Revolution, which I represent, by the media and businessmen," the former minister, appointed in July 2013 till March 2014, said.

Nahed El-Ashry, who is a main suspect in the probe, is accused along with 13 other officials, of taking the LE40 million as a personal reward. 

Abu-Eita earned huge fame as a labour activist before January 2011, helping to founding the Real Estate Tax Authority independent union in 2009 — Egypt's first independent trade union.

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