Sufi order endorses Hamdeen Sabahi for president

Ahram Online , Thursday 28 Jul 2011

Sufi orders, whose followers run in the millions, have declared their preferred presidential candidate and endorsed certain parties ahead of parliamentary elections

El-Shabrawy Sufi order, along with other Sufi orders, announced their endorsement of potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi yesterday in the annual conference of El-Shabrawy Sufi orders in Egypt.

The Sufi orders also announced in the conference their endorsement of El-Shaab and Misr El-Fataa parties in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Member of El-Karma Nasserite nationalist party and the “Hamdeen Sabahi's Support Campaign" attended the conference along a number of Sufi order representatives and sheikhs.

The Shabrawy Sufi order is considered one of the biggest in the country.

Sabahi welcomed and encouraged the participation of Sufi orders in the political life of Egypt after the January revolution.

In Egypt, Sufi orders are estimated to exceed 80 groups and their followers are estimated in the millions.

Due to the rise of the Salafist trend in Egyptian society, both politically and socially, a number of Sufi orders founded a party called Tahrir a few weeks ago, seeking to preserve Sufi identity in the face of a growing presence by Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in the political arena. 

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