Islamists in tens of thousands rally in Alexandria

Ahram Online, Friday 29 Jul 2011

Thousands of Salafists and other Islamists have started to congregate in Leader ‎Ibrahim’s Mosque Square, Alexandria

Thousands of Salafists and other Islamists began to congregate in Leader ‎Ibrahim’s Mosque square, Alexandria, since the early hours on Friday, which is expected ‎to witness the largest ever nationwide gathering of Islamists.‎
Most of them held banners that bear pro-Islam slogans trying to “stress the Islamic ‎identity of the country.”

They also called on Egyptian authorities to “respect the will of the people, which was ‎reflected in the referendum on the constitutional amendments.”‎ (Islamists pushed for a "Yes" vote to pass the amendments to the constitution months ago because it left Egypt's religious state as is, and they were afraid that any future amendments may change the status to secular.)

A number of Salafists, along with Muslim Brotherhood members – all wearing flourescent vests – worked to control the entrances and exits of the square. ‎

The 6th of April Youth Movement also showed up in the Leader Ibrahim’s Mosque Square.

Meanwhile, hundreds of activists and politicians have been maintaining their sit-‎in in Saad Saghloul Square. They are calling for the fulfillment of the revolution's as yet ‎unmet demands. ‎

Their principle slogan is “The right of the martyrs [victim's of the revolution] comes first.”

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