Salafists' chants overtake Ibrahim’s Mosque square in Alexandria, Egypt

Ahram Online, Friday 29 Jul 2011

Thousands of Salafists and other Islamists started chanting, demanding rights as well as "Islamist, Islamist," stressing Egypt's Islamic identity

Thousands of Salafists and other Islamists started to chant, demanding right after ‎finishing Friday’s prayers in ‎Ibrahim Mosque Square, Alexandria. ‎
On a massive podium, they stressed the importance of handing toppled president ‎Hosni Mubarak the death penalty for “ordering the killing of peaceful protesters in the ‎January 25 Revolution,” as well as the prosecution of ex-state security officers indicted on ‎similar charges. ‎

The Islamists, who comprised the majority of the protesters in ‎Ibrahim Mosque Square, also called for the ‎implementation of the constitutional amendments, which were ratified in a referendum held ‎months ago.‎

Other hundreds of demonstrators chanted “Islamic, Islamic,” stressing the ‎Islamic identity of Egypt.‎

A speaker on the podium, which was controlled by the Nour Party, the Salafists political arm, said: “Islam is ‎what will provide the Christians protection.”‎

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