Egypt's revolution movements withdraw from protests in Tahrir, to continue sit-in

Salma Shukralla, Friday 29 Jul 2011

As Islamists overwhelm Tahrir with chants calling for Islamisation, 28 of Egypt's revolution movements announce their withdrawal from today's protests

Twenty-eight political movements and parties, including the 6th of April Movement and the Revolution’s Youth Coalition, held the press conference they had announced earlier today that would take place at 2pm.

They stated that they will continue the sit-in they began in Tahrir Square on 8 July, but will not participate in today’s mass protests.

The group said that they made a decision to officially withdraw from today’s protests because the Islamists have violated the terms of the agreement they made this week, which was: to create a united front, call for common demands and avoid all controversial points. The statement was signed by all of the 28 movements and parties.

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