Gunmen attack police station in Arish, Egypt leaving 5 killed and 21 injured

Ahram Online, Saturday 30 Jul 2011

Masked gunmen attacked a police station in Arish, Egypt, reportedly shouting for sharia law

Arish Police Station, photo from Al-Ahram
Arish Police Station, photo from Al-Ahram

Clashes have been ongoing in Arish, Egypt, about 50km from the Israeli border, since Friday night between unknown masked men and security forces. The clashes erupted when the armed, masked men attacked a police station.

So far five have been reported killed, including one police officer, an army officer and one child. Several have also been injured including residents of the area.

According to sources, the masked men prohibited the media from covering the clashes and broke several cameras. Some media reports have stated that they shouted for the enactment of sharia (Islamic) law.

The military has, in turn, arrested four suspects, which are believed to have been involved in the attack. The military says another was arrested while attacking a military checkpoint.

According to eyewitnesses, several of the masked men have also been wounded during the clashes.

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