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Investigation reveals 10 thousand rounds were fired at Arish police station

Prosecution says thousands of grenades, gunfire and other types of weapons were used to attack Arish police station

Ahmed Selim and Hanaa El-Tobrani , Saturday 30 Jul 2011

The general prosecution has counted a total of ten thousand rounds fired in its investigation of the attack on the Arish police station by unknown gunmen. The investigation revealed that various firearms were used in the attack, which lasted a total of 9 hours.

The investigations also showed that the unknown gunmen hid behind houses surrounding the police station, which made it difficult for the security forces to gun them down.

The number of gunmen who attacked the station remains unknown. The gunmen also shot down a statue of former Egyptian president Anwar El-Sadat before attacking the station and were seen holding aloft the Quran.

The clashes happened at the same time demonstrations in Arish and in other areas of Egypt were taking place, mainly in Cairo’s Tahrir Square staged by Islamic groups demanding the application of the sharia (Islamic) law and to convert Egypt into an Islamic state.

Five have been killed in the clashes, including one police officer and another army officer. The injured are estimated to be 21 in total.

The funeral of the police officer will be held this afternoon. A military funeral will be held for army officer that was killed.

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