Host Mahmoud Saad to end his TV show on Al-Nahar

Zeinab El-Gundy , Sunday 27 Dec 2015

Giving no clear reason for his decision, the popular TV host says he suspended his political talk show in respect for his audience

Mahmoud Saad
Snapshot from Al- Nahar TV of Mahmoud Saad

Popular TV host Mahmoud Saad announced on air Saturday night that he has suspended his political talk show on Al-Nahar TV channel, giving no reasons for his decision except saying, "The owner of the TV channel withstood much pressure lately."

"There are stages that force the TV journalist to stop work in respect for himself. I need to stop for respect of my audience," Saad announced during the last episode of his TV show "Akher Al-Nahar" on the privately-owned Satellite channel Al-Nahar. 

A close source to Mohamed Saad's crew told Ahram Online that the network's administration offered that Saad hosts an entertainment TV show instead of his political talk show.

The source added that Al-Nahar offered a very large budget for the entertainment TV show, if Saad agrees. 

On Sunday, news reports quoting the owner of the TV network, businessman Alaa El-Kahky, said that Saad would return to Al-Nahar in an entertainment TV show early in 2016 and that talks between the administration and Saad were ongoing. 

Saad, who was originally a showbusiness journalist, started his TV career as a host for light entertainment shows on number in private satellite TV channels before becoming the host for a daily evening talk show on Egypt's state-owned TV. 

After the 25 January Revolution, which Saad supported, the prominent host headed into politically-focused nightly talk shows on Tahrir TV network, and then on Al-Nahar TV network since 2011. 

Saad was suspended in 2014 temporarily by the channel after a guest discussed Egypt's defeat in the 1967 war with Israel on the same day as Sinai-based militant group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis launched a deadly attack on the Egyptian armed forces. 

Saad has frequently come under criticism by regime supporters, as well as pro-regime media in Egypt, for hosting critics of the government as well as pro-25 January Revolution figures. 

Holding moderate political views, Saad was the last of a handful of TV hosts and journalists with pro-25 January Revolution views to remain on TV in Egypt since 2013.

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