Mubarak trial's courtroom revealed

Ahram Online, Sunday 31 Jul 2011

A hall at the Police Academy is being transformed into a courtroom which will hold a 600-member audience

Lecture Hall 1 at Police academy
Lecture Hall 1 at Police academy


Al Ahram Arabic Portal has published an exclusive photo of the hall at the Police Academy where former president Hosni Muabrak’s trial will take place.

The ministry of interior assigned the academy’s “Lecture hall no.1” for the trial.

According to Al Ahram Arabic Portal’s correspondent, who entered the hall, there are three main entrances. The main one will be for the lawyers and the audience, with a side entrance for the former president and other suspects in the case. A third entrance is for judges.
The Arab Contractors company is currently preparing the hall to accommodate not less than 600 audience members, media and lawyers while installing additions that will transform the lecture hall to a court room. The company is building an approximately eight-metre wide iron cage for suspects inside the hall.

The company is reportedly expected to finish its work today. 

The ministry of interior also assigned a runaway for planes within the academy in order to transfer the former president from Sharm El-Sheikh if he attends the trial. 

The details of the trial and the preparations on the courtroom will be announced in a press conference later today.  The former president's trial is set to begin on 3 August, 2011. 


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