Compensation funds to be disbursed to families of victims of Egypt's revolution: Tantawi

Ahram Online, Sunday 31 Jul 2011

Compensation payments are expected to reach the injured and families of those killed in Egypt's Revolution at the start of Ramadan after Field Marshal Tantawi opens the funds

Egyptian Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi has ordered that compensation money be disbursed to the families of martyrs and those who were injured during Egypt's January 25 Revolution.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had established a compensation fund, which is where these payments will be withdrawn from.

The fund will pay out LE30,000 to the families of the martyrs, LE15,000 to all those who have a disability as a result of an injury during the revolution and LE5,000 for all injured.

The first payments will go to the families of the martyrs on the first day of Ramadan, 1 August. During the next 72 hours all the injured who are registered in the fund will also receive their payments.

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