BBC journalist detained by armed forces

Ahram Online, Tuesday 2 Aug 2011

BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil, detained yesterday in Tahrir Square, is expected to be released within hours

BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil has been detained since yesterday.

Egyptian armed forces detained BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil in Tahrir Square on Monday evening.

According to BBC News, Khalil was covering the clashes between protesters and security forces as they tried to clear the square from protesters participating in the three week sit-in. The corporation has expressed its concern about Khallil’s detainment and said it is working to set her free.

Minutes before Khalil was detained, she wrote on her twitter account, “someone has warned me that they detain anyone who is taking pictures.”

She then disappeared, but her latest tweet from a few minutes ago said she and her fellow detainees are on their way to military prosecution at C28.

Khalil’s husband, Ahmed Zaki, told AhramOnline that the British embassy in Cairo has administered several calls to the security forces who detained Khalil asking for her release.

Zaki said that at 1pm today, Khalil was taken to the prosecution to be interrogated.  He says Khalil is expected to be released within hours, adding that he has not been able to make any contact with the security forces who detained his wife.

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