Accusations Mubarak faces ‎

Ahram Online, Wednesday 3 Aug 2011

Mubarak faces charges of corruption and intentional murder together with his two sons, former minister of interior Habib El-Adly, former petroleum minister Sameh Fahmy and business tycoon Hussein Salem

Mubarak is accused alongside former interior minister Habib El-Adly and 6 of his top aides of intentionally killing protestors in several of Egypt’s governorates for the purpose of protecting his regime.

Mubarak and his sons are also accused of a number of financial improprieties including illegally accepting gifts of five villas and 2 million metres of land in Sharm El-Sheikh from businessman Hussein Salem, a fugitive and co-defendant in today's trial.

Moreover, Mubarak is accused of conspiring with former minister of petroleum Sameh Fahmy to export gas to Israel at below market prices through a company in which Hussein Salem was a majority stock-owner.

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