Muslim Brotherhood calls for protests to show solidarity with Arab revolutions

MENA, Thursday 4 Aug 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood is calling on all members, in Egypt and beyond, to show their solidarity this Friday with Syrians, Libyans and Yemenis as they struggle for freedom in the face of brutal regimes

The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for mass protests on 5 August to show solidarity with the plight of Arabs in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Mohamed Hussein, secretary-general of the Brotherhood and their official spokesperson, said that the group felt a lot of pain while watching the “brutal violations,” of the rights of Syrians by Syrian forces to suppress peaceful protesters who are asking for freedom, as well as the “dreadful,” actions by the Libyan and Yemeni forces towards their people.

Hussein added that for these reasons the Muslim Brotherhood condemns those regimes ask them to desist their violent actions immediately. The Brotherhood, says Hussein, is also calling for the punishment of those responsible for these violations and ask other nations to positively react to these events as a way of showing support for brotherly Arab nations.

The group said that they are calling on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and across the world to dedicate this Friday to a show of solidarity with these nations.

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