Mohamed Mohsen Ahmed: The latest martyr of the the January 25 revolution

Zeinab El Gundy, Thursday 4 Aug 2011

Activists postpone the funeral for the latest martyr of the revolution after new evidence emerges towards the details around his death in Abbassiya on 23 July

Mohamed Mohsen
Mohamed Mohsen

Mohamed Mohsen Ahmed, 23, passed away late last night after spending 12 days in a coma at Nasser Medical Centre in Cairo.

Ahmed was seriously injured during clashes when protesters against the ruling military council were set upon by pro-council elements in the Abbassiya district of Cairo on 23 July.

According to friends, Ahmed suffered a brain haemorrhage after being hit in the head by a rock, and he bled for three straight hours. Ahmed's friends believe that he could have survived the injury were it not for army and hospital negligence.

The military police, which faced off with protesters and laid siege to the scene of the battle for hours, did not allow ambulances to transfer Ahmed to a hospital in time for him to receive emergency care, say his friends. Moreover, even after the military police finally let ambulances through to transfer injured individuals, several hospitals turned Ahmed away and it was only hours later that the Nasser Medical facility admitted him.

Family, activists and supporters have been mourning Ahmed on internet and Facebook pages, with many dubbing him "the latest martyr of the January 25 revolution."

Friends and fellow activists had planned to hold a funeral early this morning, but postponed it after new evidence in his death came to light.

Activist Mohamed Waked, a member of the National Front for Justice and Democracy, told Ahram Online that the Egyptian government has re-opened an investigation into Ahmed's death and will hold an autopsy of his body after an eyewitness stepped forward, claiming to have photographic evidence of who threw the rock.

Ahmed was born in the Upper Egypt city of Aswan and studied at the faculty of the Industrial Education in Sohag university. He was one of millions of young Egyptians who participated in 25 January uprising against Mubarak. Since then, he has been active with several revolutionary groups such as the Revolution Youth Coalition and the National Front for Justice and Democracy.

Ahmed travelled to Cairo on 7 July to take part in the national mobilisation that took place on 8 July and eventually led to both a three sit-in in Tahrir Square by thousands of revolutionaries, and the Abbassiya clashes that cost him his life.

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