Teachers in Upper Egypt call for strike

MENA, Tuesday 9 Aug 2011

The 'For Egypt’s Teachers' Coalition in Asyut demand minimum wage

The ‘For Egypt’s Teachers’ Coalition in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Asyut has called for a strike that is planned to be staged by the beginning of the upcoming school year.

The coalition wants to go on a strike to protest against the authorities’ indifference towards their demands.
The teachers are calling for a minimum wage and a pay rise, among other demands in order to improve their standard of life.

Demonstrations and strikes calling for economic reform have become common since the January 25 Revolution, which on 11 February toppled ex-president Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak is currently standing trial after being charged of illicit profiteering, in addition to instigating the killing of peaceful protesters during the 18 day revolt.


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