Sharaf visits Suez this afternoon

Zeinab El Gundy, Tuesday 9 Aug 2011

The Egyptian prime Minister is to attend a Ramadan breakfast held by the Suez Steel Company, while the Suez Youth Bloc will hold their own

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf will visit the Suez Governorate this afternoon. Sharaf will visit a number of factories and companies in the governorate, including El Nasr Petroleum Company, El Nasr Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industries and the Suez Steel Company.

Dr Mohamed Abde Rahman, the minister of commerce and industry, and Abdel Gharab, the minister of oil, will accompany the prime minister on his visit.

The prime minister will attend a breakfast held by the Suez Steel Company which activists and party representatives in the governorate are invited to join.

The Suez Youth Bloc has rejected the invitation of the governor to attend the breakfast and issued a statement with their reasons.

Mohamed Mahmoud, speaking on behalf of the bloc, told Ahram Online that the decision was taken in response to the prime minister’s stance regarding both the Abbassiya Square clashes and the violent end of the Tahrir sit-in which took place last Friday after the activists’ breakfast.

Mahmoud also added that they refused to attend the breakfast because the Suez Steel Company is accused of polluting the environment during the Mubarak regime.

The bloc are holding a public breakfast this evening at Arbaeen Square and are inviting all the citizens of Suez to attend. This is in response to the Suez Steel Company's breakfast.

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