Freedom and Justice Party: Dialogue is required, with Sufi Orders respected

MENA, Wednesday 10 Aug 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party says consensus should be at the heart of mapping the identity of Egypt, and that all views must be taken into account in calm dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party released a statement Wednesday underlining the importance of reaching solutions to end differences arising between Egyptian Islamic groups.

The party said that dialogue is needed to resolve disputes currently emerging between Salafists and the Sufi Orders. The statement said that some of the parties that are currently underlining differences between the two are trying to deepen divisions with the purpose of spreading fear in society.

The Freedom and Justice Party, the statement said, respects all political and social forces, respects their right of expression and encourages their political participation. Therefore, the party holds no hostility towards any party or political or social groups including the Sufi Orders, the statement said.

The statement emphasised the importance of seeking harmony between Islamic movements as part of the effort to create a general national unity between all political factions in society. Unity would enable Egyptians to create a free and just state, the statement added.

The reshuffle of governors revealed, said the party, that change is still required within state institutions. The party said it recognises the right to demonstrate as a legitimate form of expression.

The Freedom and Justice Party is working with other national political forces towards building a constitutional democratic civil state, the statement noted, which refuses any form of military or oppressive rule, regardless of its chosen source of legislation.    

The party said that the freedom witnessed now in Egypt can tolerate diversity. Thus it encouraged that coalitions currently being created are motivated by the aim to seek common ground and not for the purpose of strengthening disputes between different factions.

The statement said that while the party adopts the aspiration of a constitutional democratic state with an Islamic legislative source, it believes that Egypt’s identity should be agreed upon through consensus, which includes the Sufi Orders’ positions, keeping in mind that calm dialogue is required between all factions.

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