Egypt's Salafist Front to suspend Friday protests against new constitutional declaration

Al Ahram Online , Thursday 11 Aug 2011

Front wants to coordinate with other Islamist groups before beginning protests

The Salafist Front announced that it has suspended the protests it called for this Friday in objection to the Supra-constitutional principles document.

The front was planning to have a protest after the Friday prayers in the squares of Egypt to object the statement of Ali El Salmi , the deputy prime minister.

He stated that the Supra-constitutional principles document will be issued next week to insure that no political faction will control the shaping of the upcoming constitution.

Khaled Said, the spokesperson of the front told Ahram Online that the front decided to suspend the protests in order to coordinate with other Islamist powers and groups.

They also want to wait and see the results of the meeting between SCAF and representatives from Islamist groups in Egypt.

Several Salafist movements and parties have expressed their criticism and refusal of El Salmi’s statements.

These include the Noor Salafist Party, El Fadila Salafist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

El Salmi revealed on Wednesday 10th August, in a meeting with civil society organisations and labour unions, that the government was working on the Supra-constitutional principles document that the different political powers will agree upon before submitting it to the public.

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