National Association for change puts off "Friday For the love of Egypt" to after Ramadan

Al Ahram Online , Friday 12 Aug 2011

In a statement just issued (Friday 12 August afternoon), the National Association for Change (NAC) announced its decision to hold off the Friday For the love of Egypt protest till the end of Ramadan, in order to give the government a chance to restore order on the Egyptian street. 

The NAC justified its decision with reference to instability in North Sinai as well as other governorates like Sohag, saying it was responding to the government's reservations about protests in Tahrir Square. The protest, the statement added, was to underline the determination to achieve the goals of the revolution and celebrate national unity – now it may be an occasion to celebrate the 6 October 1973 victory as well.

The statement also expressed the NAC's discontent with the polarisation implicit in calling it Sufi Friday in contrast to the Salafi Friday of 29 July, which involved raising the flags of foreign countries and must therefore be regarded as a threat "the sovereignty and independence of the country”.

Reiterating its insistence on the civil nature of the state, the NAC denounced religious parties and the use of religious slogans in political campaigns. It also suggested re-planning Tahrir Square to create a space for protests centred around a memorial for the martyrs without hindering traffic. 


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