Prosecutor orders arrest of Facebook administrator for 'insulting' Egyptian women

Ayat Al Tawy , Tuesday 16 Feb 2016

Taymour El-Sobky said that almost half of Egyptian women have a tendency to cheat on their husbands

Taymour El-Sobky
Snapshot from Al-Nahar TV of Taymour El-Sobky

Egypt’s top prosecutor has ordered the arrest of a Facebook page administrator over accusations of “insulting Egyptian women” following recent remarks he made on TV.

Taymour El-Sobky sparked public fury after claiming during his December appearance in a talk show on private CBC channel that almost half of Egyptian women, mainly those of Upper Egypt, have a tendency to cheat on their husbands.

A short clip of part of the interview has resurfaced over the past week.

The public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for El-Sobky after a number of people issued complaints claiming he "slandered Egyptian women" and made "honour damaging" comments, a statement by the public prosecution office said.

The prosecution has ordered an investigation of El-Sobky be opened after finding that his description of Egyptian women is "incompatible with the values" of Egyptian society.

Several videos have been uploaded online of Upper Egyptian men responding with outrage to comments made by El-Sobky, who said he has received death threats.

El-Sobky is the founder of a Facebook page called Diary of a Suffering Man, which frequently posts comics and memes about married life.

He apologised earlier this week following the public outrage, saying that he "did not mean to insult anyone" and that his remarks were taken out of context.

During his 9 December appearance, El-Sobky said, "thirty percent of women, plus another 15% [to be more accurate], has a readiness for immorality... but just cannot find the opportunity."

"Nowadays, it is very normal for a woman to cheat and seek it out," he said, claiming the phenomenon is "pervasive."

A media chamber has suspended for 15 days CBC's Momken talk show, pending probe by a technical committee into accusations of slander.

Egypt's press syndicate has condemned the comments and the broadcaster has apologised to "whoever was offended" by the video.

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