Chaos erupts before ousted president Mubarak’s second trial session

Ahram Online , Monday 15 Aug 2011

The second court session against the ousted Egyptian president starts with chair-throwing and media bashing from pro-Mubarak supporters and some lawyers have been denied entry; the Mubaraks have not yet arrived

Photo: Mai Shaheen

Bright and early, people started gathering at 6 am in front of the police academy where Mubarak’s trial is due to take place. Lawyers, pro-Mubarak protestors, anti-Mubarak protestors and media were already present.

About 200 pro-Mubarak protestors and another 200 anti-Mubarak protestors started the day by exchanging accusation back and forth as they were cordoned off by Central Security Forces (CSF). The exchange of accusations quickly turned violent and one man was taken in an ambulance after suffering injuries from Mubarak supporters.

Chair-throwing and violence from pro-Mubarak protestors also targeted Al-Jazeera crew. One of the lawyers of the martyrs was also reported injured. There are in total roughly 5,000 policemen securing the trial.

Lawyers have been requested to present an authorisation document, besides their regular syndicate ID card to enter the courtroom, despite promises made yesterday that they will be automatically allowed in, lawyer and former parliament member Mohamed El-Omda told Ahram Online. The new requirement of an authorisation document will likely prevent many lawyers from attending the trial. So far, only some are still waiting outside and have not able to enter. El-Omda said he is waiting for other lawyers to bring him the authorisation paper.

The accused ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his sons have not yet arrived. Lawyer Ahmed El-Hamarawy says if Mubarak fails to show up for whatever reason the judge will have to postpone the case.

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