Egyptian Facebook admin sentenced to 5 years in jail for 'inciting murder against police'

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Tuesday 1 Mar 2016

Ismailiya Misdemeanor Court sentenced Mohamed Magdy Ibrahim, an administrator of "Ismailia-2020" Facebook page, to five years in jail on Monday on charges of "inciting murder against police officers."

In May 2015, Ibrahim was arrested along with seven others who were later acquitted, after an officer at an Ismailiya police station filed a report against him, accusing him of publishing threats to police officers and pictures of their families, inciting the page's followers to kill them.

The sentence can still be appealed.

The Facebook page is a pro-Muslim Brotherhood group which publishes news and has over 47,000 followers.

On Monday, the page reported the arrest of the administrator of another group called "Live from Ismailiya."

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