Jordanian accused of spying is in the hands of Egyptian courts: Jordan

Ahram Online, Tuesday 16 Aug 2011

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry is closely following the case of a citizen accused of spying for Israel

The Jordanian foreign ministry announced that it is closely following the case of the Jordanian accused of spying, Bashar Abu Zaid, with Egyptian authorities.

Abu Zaid, a communications engineer, was transferred to the Supreme State Security Criminal Court for emergency cases for spying on Egypt for Israel.

A security source in the ministry told the Jordanian El Ghad daily newspaper that is it up to the Egyptian judiciary to decide what will happen next to Abu Zaid.

Abu Zaid was arrested in January 2011 and was transferred along with an officer from Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) to the criminal court. Abu Zaid is accused of planting communication networks in various areas in Egypt and using them to spy on Egyptian officials and relaying the information to the Mossad officer in return for a sum of money.

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