Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader slams US congressman over negative remarks

MENA, Wednesday 17 Aug 2011

In reply to Congressman Cantor's statement that he is worried about a MB takeover in Egypt, the general-secretary of the MB's political party retorts sarcastically on the US sense of democracy

Mohamed El-Katatni
Mohamed El-Katatni

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El-Katatni has slammed statements by Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor that he is “worried” about a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt.

Speaking to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, Cantor expressed his concern that anti-Western forces may win the majority in the first post-Mubarak parliament, and specifically mentioned the MB.

“Obviously the force of the Muslim Brotherhood is very concerning,” Cantor told the Post. “It’s an organisation which seems to be very much tilted toward doing all kinds of things that would threaten US interests and Israeli interests and the interests of freedom overall.”

The statement brought him the wrath of the MB. El-Katatni, who is the secretary-general of the group’s political branch, the Freedom and Justice Party, said that Cantor’s statements violates the principles of democracy, which should be respected by the US. He added that it is the people of every country who have a right to choose their legislative councils and the fact that Egyptians are now choosing their representatives through transparent and fair elections should be welcomed by the US administration.

However, El-Katatni added that Cantor’s remark reveals the kind of democracy that the US is looking to establish in the Middle East: only one that will serve the interests of the US and Israel - their prime ally in the Middle East.

El-Katatni added that Israel is the biggest threat in the region because they own the largest nuclear reactors in the region and refused to ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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