Egyptian revolutionary coalition call for emergency protest outside Israeli embassy

Ahram Online, Friday 19 Aug 2011

Military attacks against Gaza and the shooting of three Egyptian army personnel in Sinai spark protest

Israeli Embassy
Egyptian protest on 15 May at Israeli Embassy in Cairo (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

The Egyptian Coalition of Revolutionary forces has called for an emergency rally at the Israeli embasssy in Cairo today at 1:00pm.

The Coalition, which is made up of more than 40 revolutionary youth groups and political organisations, has called the emergency action tto protest both Israel's ongoing military attacks on Gaza and the killing of an Egyptian army officer and two soldiers yesterday in the Sinai peninsula during cross border raids against Palestinian activists.

The Coalition is calling on the Egyptian government to expel the Israeli ambassador in Cairo as a strong message to the Israelis. It has also called on the ruling military council to hand power to a civilian administration and return to its barracks in order to focus on Egypt's border security.

In recent days, the Egyptian army has deployed tanks into the Sinai peninsula for the first time since Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979 in order to curb the influence of suspected Islamic militants in the northern part of the area.

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