Egyptian presidential hopefuls denounce Israel

Ahram Online, Friday 19 Aug 2011

Two possible candidates for the presidency express in no uncertain terms their anger over Israel's killing of three Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Ambushed Israeli bus near Eilat
Ambushed Israeli bus near Eilat (Photo: Reuters)

Abdel-Moneim Aboul-Fotouh, a Liberal Islamist and possible candidate in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections, has called on the ruling military council to immediately expel Israel’s ambassador to Egypt and to stop the flow of Egyptian natural gas to Israel.

In a statement released today (19 August) in response to Israeli forces killing an Egyptian army officer and two soldiers yesterday while allegedly chasing Palestinian militants across the Gaza-Egypt border, Aboul-Fetouh denounced Israel. “The Egyptian people who defeated oppressive rulers in the 25 January Revolution can defeat external enemy,” Aboul-Fetouh wrote.

Meanwhile, Amr Moussa, the former head of the Arab league and another presidential hopeful, also denounced Israel’s attacks on Egyptian soil in a message he sent to his supporters through his Twitter account. “Gone forever are the days when Israel will kill our children while we do not respond,” he wrote.

So far, the ruling military council has issued no official statements on the incident.

Israel's killing of three Egyptians came hours after unknown armed men ambushed an Israeli bus near the town of Eilat on the Red Sea killing 10 Israelis and injuring 27.

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