Sit-in continues at Israeli Embassy in Egypt

Salma Shukrallah , Saturday 20 Aug 2011

Angered by the killing of 5 Egyptian soldiers by Israel, protesters continue the sit-in in front of Israeli embassy in Cairo, some chanting 'Give us guns and send us to Sinai'

Protest at Israeli Embassy in Egypt
Egyptian protesters gather in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Egypt, early Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Hundreds continue to sit-in before the Israeli Embassy in Cairo after a night-long protest over the killing of five Egyptian soldiers in an Israeli border attack.

The demonstrators demanded that authorities expel the Israeli ambassador and sever all ties with Israel as a response. The protesters removed the cement barriers that block the path to the building where the embassy is located and demanded that the Israeli flag be brought down and removed.

Egypt’s government did not issue a response until three hours after midnight, demanding that joint investigations start immediately and that Israel issue an official apology. The Cabinet also stated that it will recall the Egyptian ambassador from Israel as a response.

Thousands of Egyptians, angered by the killings, continued demonstrating through Friday night chanting “Egyptian blood is not cheap" and "Give us guns and send us to Sinai."

Israel had killed several Egyptian soldiers before the revolution in various clashes near Egypt’s borders. However, many of the demonstrators viewed this attack as intentional, since they targeted Egypt’s borders. Additionally, some feel that such acts by Israel, which used to go un-responded to before the revolution, are intolerable post-revolution.

As a response Prime Minister Essam Sharaf stated on his Facebook page “Our glorious revolution took place so that Egyptians could regain their dignity at home and abroad. What was tolerated in pre-revolution Egypt will not be in post-revolution Egypt".  

The five Egyptian soldiers were killed on the Egypt-Israel border during attacks on Palestinian resistance fighters on Thursday, following the Eilat attack on Israeli buses and cars that killed eight.

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