Israel Defence Minister says Israel is sorry for the deaths of Egyptian troops

Ahram Online, Saturday 20 Aug 2011

Israel's Defence Minister, Ehud Barak apologises for the killing of Egyptian troops on the border that has caused a diplomatic crisis, although some media say the apology is not official

According to AP and AFP, Israel Defence Minister Ehud Barak said that "Israel is sorry for the death of Egyptian troops killed during [the] shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants." 

Defence Minister Barak added that he has ordered a military investigation and a joint inquiry with the Egyptian army to clarify the circumstances of Friday's incident.  

Egypt’s official news agency, the Middle East News Agency, also stated that Barak has made an apology. 

The Ahram Arabic portal, on the other hand, says that an Egyptian official points out that Israel made an apology, but not an on official level. 

Conversely, Egypt's national television states that Israel has made an official apology for the killing.  

Five Egyptian soldiers were killed by Israel on the Egypt-Israel border during attacks on Palestinian resistance fighters on Thursday, quickly following the Eilat border town attack on Israeli buses and cars that killed eight.

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