15 Egyptian 'pro-Morsi' judges retired for engaging in politics

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Monday 21 Mar 2016

The judges belong to the pro-Morsi 'Judges for Egypt' movement, according to Egypt's High Council of Justice

Judges for Egypt
Judge Waleed Sharabi, a founder member of 'Judges for Egypt' movement which supports ousted president Mohamed Morsi. (Photo: Ahram Online)

The Egyptian High Council of Justice's disciplinary board retired on Monday 15 judges on charges of engaging in politics, which is prohibited for judges.

The board rejected appeals on a previous decision to retire 10 of the 15 judges, who it says belong to the pro-Morsi 'Judges for Egypt' movement, and accepted an appeal by the prosecution against the acquittal of the five remaining judges.

The decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

The judges faced charges including announcing in the media the victory of candidate Mohamed Morsi in the 2012 presidential elections before the official announcement by the Higher Electoral Committee.

The board will issue a final decision on 28 March regarding 55 other judges who signed a statement voicing their support for Morsi following his ouster in 2013.

Of the 55 judges, 31 had appealed against their forceful retirement and 24 face an appeal by the prosecution after having been acquitted.

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