April 6 calls for NATO to leave Libya

Ahram Online , Monday 22 Aug 2011

The April 6 Movement wastes no time in asking Egypt's ruling military council to recognise Libya's National Transitional Council as the official representative body of the Libyan people

The April 6 Youth Movement (Ahmed Maher Front) has demanded NATO forces to leave Libya as soon as possible, since they believe that the NATO mission to protect civilians from attacks from Gaddafi's forces has finished.

The movement went on to call on Egypt's ruling military council to recognise Libya’s National Transitional Council as the legal representative of the Libyan people in a statement the movement issued today. 

The group announced its complete support and solidarity with the Libyan people as well as their hopes that Libyans would soon start to rebuild their country. 

The potential candidate for Egypt's presidency, Abdel Moneim Abuol-Fotouh, issued a statement on his official website to congratulate the Libyan people for the end of Gaddafi's regime. Potential presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi and Mohamed ElBaradei used Twitter to add their congratulations to the Libyan people.

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