Egypt's daily wage workers form their own independent trade union

Ahram Online, Tuesday 23 Aug 2011

More than ten million workers in Egypt live day-to-day without contracts or insurance

The first independent trade union to represent Egypt's daily wage workers was approved this week.

According to Ashraf Omar El-Deeb, the head of the new union that was approved by The Ministry Manpower and Immigration, "the new body will represent the self-employed workers, casual labourers and unskilled labourers in settling disputes, defining work conditions and securing unified employment contracts." The union will also provide training and health insurance to its members.

Egypt has more than ten million casual and daily wage workers, while the number is even higher when those who work without contracts or insurance is taken in to account.

According to El-Deeb, the new union's membership will mostly comprise carpenters, plumbers, handymen and casual agricultural workers in different governorates.

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