Cabinet holds conference with political forces to announce Egypt’s stance on Israel

Nada Hussein, Ahram Daily, Wednesday 24 Aug 2011

A conference set for tomorrow will bring together Egypt's political forces to reach an agreement on the current border tensions with Israel

To discuss the recent border dispute with Israel, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and his political-affairs deputy Ali Al-Salmy met with political figures. Following the meeting, he announced plans to hold a conference on Israel to bring together the gamut of parties, forces and movements and formulate an official statement from the government. To include 300 representatives besides government officials, the conference will be held at the People’s Assembly headquarters in downtown Cairo.

Tensions in Egyptian-Israeli relations had broken out when the Israeli army killed fire Egyptian soldiers in Sinai while chasing armed insurgents along the border, prompting popular outrage and a sit-in outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. Some political forces have spoken of reassessing the Camp David Accords.

Earlier in the week, a high-profile Israeli envoy arrived in Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials regarding the Sinai situation. Washington has also played the role of mediator in an attempt to secure Egypt’s continued commitment to the peace treaty.


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