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April 6 Movement suspends sit-in at Israeli embassy, but demands big changes in Israel-Egypt relations

The April 6 movement ends their protests at the Israeli embassy, but entrenches their stance; demanding the end to trade agreements with Israel and creating a free-trade zone with Gaza to lift Israel's siege

Ahram Online, Salma Shukrallah, Saturday 27 Aug 2011
Israeli embassy protests
Protesters outside Israeli embassy in Cairo (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

Egypt’s April 6 youth movement released a statement on Friday declaring that they have suspended their week-long sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, as their stance has been made clear. The movement has also put forward several demands to Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government that would vindicate  troops Israel killed at the border last week.

The Movement demanded that the SCAF and government insist on an official apology from the Israel and a joint investigation into the killings; the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador; cancelling all trade agreements with Israel, including QIZ; amending the Camp David treaty to guarantee that Egypt has full authority over Sinai and the establishment of a free trade zone with Gaza, allowing in all products, in effect, completely ending Israel's siege on Gaza and ensuring that the Palestinian resistance is fully supported. 

Following the killing of two Egyptian police officers and three soldiers by Israel on Egypt’s borders, thousands of Egyptians have been protesting at the Israeli embassy in Cairo, the Israel consulate in Alexandria as well as in public squares in many cities across the country.

Last week, during the protests in front of the embassy, an Egyptian young man climbed 13 floors at the embassy building to take down the Israeli flag.

Last night, hundreds participated in the sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy  including members of the April 6 Movement.

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