Giza governor to attend iftar at church to reinforce national unity

Ahram Online, Saturday 27 Aug 2011

Giza governor Ali Abdel Rahman and other officials are to attend ‎an iftar banquet tomorrow at the church in Imbaba that was the centre of sectarian violence in May

Giza governor Ali Abdel Rahman and other officials will attend a Ramadan iftar (breaking the daily Ramadan fast) to be held ‎tomorrow at Mar Mina Church.

Mar Mina was at the centre of ‎sectarian violence that erupted  in the poverty stricken neighborhood of Imbaba in Cairolast May. ‎

In an incident that shocked Egypt, Copts and Muslims exchanged gunfire, Molotov cocktails and stones for hours at a time.

Two ‎churches, including Mar Mina, were set ablaze following rumours that a ‎convert to Islam, Abeer Talaat, was being held captive in one of them.

The “Banquet of Love” was called for by Priest Abanob Gad to reinforce the national unity ‎of Muslims and Copts.‎

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