Egyptian military court postpones verdict for 28 accused Morsi supporters for second time

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Sunday 3 Apr 2016

Eight of the defendants have received preliminary death sentences on violence related charges

An Egyptian military court postponed on Wednesday to April 24 its issuing of a verdict in the trial of 28 alleged supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi accused of planning attacks on military and police personnel.

In February, the court sentenced eight of the 28 defendants to death. The court did not issue sentences for the remaining 20 defendants.

The court referred its initial death penalty verdicts to the Grand Mufti of Egypt – the country's leading authority on religious edicts – for a non-binding consultation per Egyptian law.

In March, the court postponed issuing a verdict in the case till 3 April without stating reasons.

On Sunday, the court was set to confirm or reverse the death sentences and rule on first-degree sentences for the 20 remaining defendants. However, the judges have not disclosed the reason behind the postponement.

The awaited verdicts will be subject to appeal in the military cassation court.

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