Egypt's Youth Coalition calls million man march to end military trials

MENA, Monday 29 Aug 2011

Tahrir square
Tahrir square (Photo by Mai Shaheen)

The Revolution Youth Coalition has called for a new million man march for 9 September in Tahrir square.

The coalition said that the march, which it dubbed “correcting the path”, would highlight seven main demands including an end to the military trials of civilians by the ruling military council (SCAF).

The march would also call on the government of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and SCAF to set a date for the handing over of power to a civil government, cancel anti-strikes law, amend elections law, improve public safety, and set minimum and maximum wages in the public sector of the economy.

The demonstration promises to be the first major rally that revolutionary youth groups call for in Tahrir  since the army forcibly ended a 22-day sit-in the square by families of the martyrs of the January 25th revolution on 1 August and prevented large gatherings in the surrounding areas.

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