Former leading Muslim Brother running for president complains of MB harassment

Ahram Online, Tuesday 30 Aug 2011

Abd El-Monem Abou El-Fotouh's campaign alleges that MB members are attacking campaigners and tearing down posters

Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh

Mohamed El-Shahawy, head of the presidential campaign for former Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leading member and presidential hopeful Abd El-Monem Abou El-Fotouh, says that he was disturbed by harassment that has occurred in several Egyptian Governorates, from members of the MB towards members of his campaign.

He alleged that members of the MB attacked several of Abou El-Fotouh’s campaign members and tore down his posters in Menia, several areas of Gharbeia and parts of Cairo on the night before and on the first day of Eid. He added that it is not the first time that such behaviour has been observed.

El-Shahawy has released a statement condemning such acts and asking everyone to respect the law. The statement also assured faith in the MB’s ethics and expressed confidence that the organisation would stand against any such activities carried out by its members.


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