Clashes erupt between police and demonstrators over Tahrir’s central island

Ahram Online, Thursday 1 Sep 2011

Tens of demonstrators clash with police after attempting to reoccupy the square's central island

Tahrir Square central island
Tahrir Square's central island(Photo:Reuters)

In the early hours of Thursday, slight clashes erupted between tens of demonstrators and police protecting the central island of Tahrir Square.

Since military police dispersed the July 8 sit-in on 1 August, it has increased security surrounding the square’s central island and prevented anyone from entering. Fearing renewed sit-ins, the military, together with Central Security Forces, have used force on any demonstrators who attempt to approach the grassy area in the middle of the square.

On the second day of Eid, as thousands of Egyptians were celebrating the holiday in Cairo’s downtown area, several protesters tried retaking the square, chanting for the continuation of the revolution and against the military council and Egypt’s transitional government. Police, with the help of military police, forcefully repelled them from the square’s island, leading to stone throwing between the two parties which left several demonstrators injured.

Several people were arrested during the clashes, while others quickly fled the area.   

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